We are thrilled to announce that our Finger Baseball game won a 2007 Toy of the Year award from FamilyFun Magazine.

Each Zelosport product was created around the age-old pastime of paper football. In the game of paper football, players flick a folded piece of paper across a tabletop until any portion of that triangle-shaped "football" hangs over the table's edge for a touchdown. Six points are awarded for the TD and the player then kicks an extra point through his opponent's "finger goal posts."

That old game has now been transformed into a series of Finger Sports games for all ages. Every game is packaged in a clear tube and includes a 2'x4' vinyl playing surface, parts bag and rulebook. The game is simply rolled out onto a table when you're ready to play and can be placed back into the tube for safe storage when you're done.

The paper football has been replaced by what we call a "slider". Our slider is simply a plastic ring with a ball bearing in the middle. It is flicked across the playing surface with one finger or thumb for runs, passes, hits, pitches, shots, etc. And in our Finger Football games, extra points and field goals are attempted with a 3-inch foam football.
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