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Finger Football

Imagine a healthy game of football in the comfort of your own home. ZELOSPORT® in Indianapolis, Indiana, makes it possible to capture much of the excitement with our Finger Football® game, and the professional NFFL!

Finger Golf

Finger Golf can be played by one or more players, with a possibility to join our Professional Finger Golf Tour. With the chance to make a career out of our Finger Sports, competitors are lining up, so you might want to start practicing now!

Our Story

Toy Of The Year Award

At ZELOSPORT® in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have transformed the age-old pastime of paper football into a series of portable Finger Sports games that are great for family and friends of all ages. Any sports fan can enjoy a friendly game of football, baseball, golf, or soccer at their own kitchen table.

For more than 10 years, we've made it easy to enjoy hours of entertainment by experiencing the challenges of plays of the real game day or night, rain or shine. We're proud to announce national availability of our award-winning Finger Sports games collection!

SmartPhone APPS
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We currently have three smartphone apps for our Finger Football®, Finger Baseball, and Finger Basketball close to 700,000 downloads nationwide. They are for Android, iPhone, and all other electronic device. We also have 85k Facebook players as well.